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how to use a baby security blanket

Discover the power of a baby security blanket. Lovey security blankets are becoming more and more popular. For bigger children, their baby girl security blanket or baby boy security blanket are often considered a prized possession that reminds them of their home, a place where they feel safe and are loved. Security blanket brings psychological comfort, especially in unusual or unique situations, or at bedtime

What is a security blanket?
A security blanket is comforting for children and an assurance to parents that, once a muslin security blanket is in hand, their baby will soon be napping. We are known for our aden and anais lovey bunny which comes in both a pink bunny lovey and a blue bunny security blanket. Discover our collection here
How to introduce a security blanket?
Always introduce a security blanket during cuddle times that are not associated with hunger, fear, or any situtions that may course discomfort to the baby. When introducing the aden and anais lovey bunny, the baby must be in a comfortable, happy place and good mood. As the name indicates, the baby security blanket should feel and be part of baby's life as a safe and trusted companion when the parent may not be occupied.
What is a security blanket used for?
A lovey security blanket provides a sense of comfort for your baby and can help them greatly in feeling safe and secured in an unsettling situation, such as when parents are leaving, bedtime or any other stressful situation for your child. With an elephant lovey, your child always has a loyal friend by their side.
Is a security blanket safe?
Yes, but you should wait to introduce a security blanket until your child has turned one year old to avoid any loose objects in the crib. Then there are plenty of loveys or blankies to choose from that will help your child feel safe and support you and your child in any transition periods.