Harry Potter™ baby collection

Here at aden + anais, we fancy ourselves magicians of sorts. After all, we transform restless nights into uninterrupted sleep, we make soothing coos appear where there were once tears, and we can morph a single swaddle blanket into six different essentials before your very eyes. So, never did there seem to be a more fitting collaboration than that of the magic of our muslin with the wizarding world of Harry Potter™.

You might be surprised to learn that creating Harry Potter™ baby muslin essentials required no spells or potions, only a spoonful of softness, a dash of metallic, and a pinch of paint, all baked in the incredible imaginations of the creative team at our Brooklyn headquarters. aden + anais associate textile designer, Lauren Hauck, is a long-time fan of Harry Potter™, having read the books with her mother as a little girl and later seeing the movies with her, so she was beyond thrilled to be a part of this collaboration.



“I remember the stories springing to life before my eyes when I was little, and we wanted to do the same through our Harry Potter™ swaddles, blankets and bibs. We hand-drew and hand-painted much of the artwork in the collection, all of which includes my favourite imagery from the stories,” says Lauren.

The result? A limited-edition metallic collection of the most perfect Harry Potter™ baby gifts. Charmed with iconic imagery from Hogwarts and beyond, our Harry Potter baby blankets, Harry Potter™ baby bibs, and Harry Potter™ baby swaddles are sure to enchant fans of all ages. Behold, the spellbinding prints…

Snitch Dot: This print features the Golden Snitch in action on a Harry Potter™ muslin blanket, sleeping bag, swaddle and bib. Sketched circles imitate a shadowy glimpse of the snitch in motion as it darts across the sky through painted blue clouds.

Invisibility Cloak: Don’t worry, baby won’t blend into the background when wrapped in a Harry Potter™ swaddle blanket featuring this design. “To make this print more understandable we took artistic liberty, as the cloak itself was too dark for our brand,” explains Lauren. Here, the six point stars that adorn the pages of the book float among symbolic lightning bolts and aden + anais’ iconic stars.

Hedwig: Hedwig is here and she has a Hogwarts acceptance letter in tow. The majestic carrier owl can be seen flying through the night sky across Harry Potter™ nursing covers (one of the many uses of our muslin swaddles), Harry Potter bibs and other Harry Potter baby items.

Hogwarts Grounds: This epic print is the ultimate when it comes to Harry Potter™ baby things, encompassing the series’ major icons perfectly placed on one cotton muslin swaddle. From the Whomping Willow tree and the Patronuses to the Golden Snitch and flying Hedwig, this Harry Potter™ swaddle has it all.