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what you need for your changing station

our list of supplies and ideas for creating an efficient, comfortable and stylish changing station

changing station essentials

A new baby comes with plenty of changes, literally. Let aden & anais help you get ready for your new arrival with this great list of supplies and ideas for creating an efficient, comfortable and stylish changing station, complete with diapers, wipes, swaddles, and more. 

Nothing can humble you quite like the task of organizing a diaper-changing station. Whether a first-time or a veteran expecting number two, the needs of the tiny human you’re about to bring into this world are nothing short of astonishing. The designated area of your home that belongs to baby’s basic needs requires more gear than you think. Diapers and wipes? A given. But there’s a long list of things you may not have thought of. Don’t panic! That’s what we’re here!

Baby Changing Station Essentials:

diapers + wipes

We’ll keep bringing it up until we’re confident we’ve relayed the magnitude of the enterprise you’re about to embark on. Yes, things are about to get crazy! Don’t be caught without diapers or wipes at the ready.

diapers pail

Dirty diapers are no joke, and the average newborn will likely need to be changed between 8 and 12 times per day. There will be smells and there will be messes, so it’s best to be prepared. A hands-free diaper pail that blocks odor is great. Even better? One that’s hands-free.

changing pad + cover

A good changing pad should provide comfort and security with an easy-to-clean material. Look for a changing pad that has contoured sides and the option to strap baby in. Then top it with an aden + anais cover that’s both beautiful and soft.

grooming + first aid kit

As you will see (and perhaps you already know), the changing station is a sort of home base for all things baby. Whether changing diapers and outfits, clipping nails or combing hair, you’ll want to keep all grooming and first aid essentials within reach.

creams + lotions

From soothing irritated bums to caring for newborn belly buttons, you’ll want to have an assortment creams and lotions on hand, like this one from our mom-tested collection of skin care.


Our swaddles’ uses seem limitless, a fact we happily champion. And outside of their function as a swaddle, tummy time blanket or nursing cover, they’re also a perfect supplemental changing table cover? Great for on-the-go or at home.

laundry basket

Wardrobe changes will happen, so keep clean clothes close – and a place to toss dirty clothes even closer.

night light

Since middle-of-the-night changes are inevitable with newborns, and because bright lights are jolting and disorienting when you’re half asleep, find a night light that will allow you to see – and then, hopefully, get right back to sleep.

toys + pacifiers

Not all babies love to be changed, and many love to wriggle and kick and even cry! We recommend some tried and true distractors. Toyspacifiersand soothing music can help you power through changing time


Make baby care space. Whether you choose a dresser and changing pad or a made-for-baby changing table, utilize baskets, storage bins and shelving for quick access to clothing, lotions, toys, swaddles and more. And just remember, when it comes to those diapers and wipes we keep stressing? We mean it. Stock up.

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