baby chewing on plastic duckbaby chewing on plastic duck

simple baby teething hacks

Growing a set of chompers is hard work, and it’s just as hard to watch your little one go through it. We asked our awesome fans how they got through the teething stage – and you delivered, with simple, effective teething hacks anyone can try. 



the frozen pacifer

There are lots of cold teethers on the market, but plenty of you opted to put your baby’s favorite pacifiers in the freezer for a bit, to give their gums a little relief.


snack attack

Mesh feeding pouches + frozen fruit = a snack that doubles as teething relief. Fruits like grapes, bananas and strawberries make great frozen treats!


the washcloth trick

Wet a portion of a washcloth and place in the freezer until it’s stiff. The texture of the washcloth combined with the cold can help relieve itchy, irritated little gums.


make a milksicle

Frozen breastmilk blended with fruit (or on it’s own), and frozen into baby-friendly pops is a soothing treat. As always, Pinterest has a plethora of “recipes” to try. And there are plenty of baby-sized (and safe) pop molds, too.


toothbrush teethers

For those hard-to-reach places that fruit and mumsicles and washcloths just can’t get to, teethers help massage the back gums while baby grows her molars.

photo credit: © cultura Photography /Veer