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creative birth announcement ideas

After nine long months of eager anticipation, the one you’ve been waiting to meet has finally arrived. We know you’re elated beyond words and can’t wait to share the joy of this momentous occasion with your closest friends and loved ones. But how exactly

creative birth announcements

name tag


Short and sweet, this adorable introduction is sure to make them chuckle while melting their hearts.

letter board


Share as many details as you’d like with this Instagram staple that can also be used for milestones to come.

holding mommy's hand


Unveil your little one with a moment that beautifully captures the instant bond between mother and child.

hospital shot


Nothing says welcome to the world quite like a sweet newborn bundled in a hospital bassinet. 

sibling snuggles


When big brother or sister embraces baby with nothing but love, it’s a big deal that makes a big impact.

family portrait


When two becomes three, a new photo session is in order. Make sure to request black and white options.

baby burrito


Let them know you got this parenting thing down pat with a picture of your perfectly swaddled sleeping angel. Learn how to create that classic swaddle look with our easy swaddling tutorial.

the whole gang


Teeny Baby + Loving Sibling + Doting Fur Baby = Pure Gold.

baby's first smile


We don’t care if it might be gas. A newborn smiling is off-the-charts cute and that’s all that matters.

birth announcements in the newspaper

Yes, the newspaper. Consider it the original social media platform. Many parents, particularly if they live in small towns where communities are tight-knit and active, still enjoy placing birth announcements in their local newspapers. Aside from being a lovely keepsake or baby book entry, newspaper announcements are a traditional and community-oriented way to introduce your baby to the world.

Typically, parents include only basic information about their cuddly new additions, and many newspapers have online forms that limit the types of details you can add. Since it will be available to the general public, keep your announcement on the formal side, and include a photo if you can. Explore our article on birth announcement wording for some creative ideas.

birth announcement keepsakes

A custom passed down through the generations, parents and grandparents often keep mementos of baby’s birth. Embroidered pillows with baby’s name, birth date, birth time and measurements are commonly gifted to parents and grandparents alike, as are bronzed shoes (done later, of course), framed custom art, engraved jewelry and personalized keepsake boxes. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to congratulate proud new parents, you can’t go wrong with a creative, custom birth memento.

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