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baby gifts when you don't know the gender

what to gift when pink or blue won’t do

gender neutral baby gifts

In today’s world of instant gratification, fueled by social media and the ease of life that technology has created for us, having the answer to everything is a built-in, expected piece of the puzzle. But what if there was one area of your life that you left purely up to fate, something you couldn’t find out with the click of a button or swipe of the screen?

Leaving the big gender reveal a mystery is a trend that many parents are opting for, and if you want to see a few of the reasons why, peruse this father’s list at your leisure. We’d be remiss to think he didn’t have a point (or seven). As the parent, there’s a huge allure in the build-up to finding out the gender in the delivery room. For the rest of us, the friends, family and co-workers of the parents-to-be, our anticipation isn’t solely rooted in an undying need to know – there are gifts to buy and a new little life to spoil with ferocity.

Society likes to steer us in two distinct directions when a new baby is on the horizon. They’re color-coded, blue for boy and pink for girl, with little wiggle room in between. And nothing throws us for a loop like parents that decide to buck the norm and leave everything up to chance. Lucky, then, that we’re #blessed with the good graces of prints with range. Up ahead, take your pick from the gender-neutral prints that make little Johnny, Annie and everyone in between very, very happy. (We’re basically experts, so we know.)

jungle jam swaddles

Our signature product in a classic print? Yes and yes.

sahara motif silky soft swaddles

The reasons to love our silky soft swaddles are endless, but we especially love their soft-to-the-touch texture that’s gentle on baby’s skin. (Bonus: mom can even wear as a nursing cover-up or scarf.)


Sometimes, practicality prevails. And though perhaps not the cutest gift on their list, diapers are an essential part of parenthood. Plus, not only do these gender-neutral prints pair with all the other cute gifts they’ll be getting, but we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future (meaning this is a gift that gives back).

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classic sleeping bag

Swaddling baby can be intimidating for new parents, which makes our innovative sleeping bag a smart and easy solution to bedtime woes. (Mention that it makes for a stress-free blanket alternative and you may end up runner-up for the title of godparent. Hey, we’re here to help.)

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