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how to swaddle a baby

with this step-by-step guide and a little practice, you’ll be a master swaddler in no time

step by step guide

The beauty of swaddling is in its simplicity. If you have muslin and two loving hands, you can’t go wrong. It’s just about finding a technique and establishing a routine that both you and your little one are most comfortable with.

how to swaddle

step 1

Fold the swaddle into a diamond shape, and place baby on back in the center with shoulders just below the fold.

how to swaddle

step 2

Place baby’s right arm alongside the body, slightly bent. Take the same side of the swaddle and pull it securely across baby’s arm and chest, tucking the fabric under the baby. Leave the left arm free.

how to swaddle

step 3

Fold the bottom of the swaddle up and over baby’s feet. Tuck the point of the fabric into the top of the swaddle.

how to swaddle

step 4

Place baby’s left arm alongside the body, slightly bent. Take the remaining swaddle, and wrap it over baby’s arm and chest, tucking the fabric under baby to secure the swaddle.

why swaddle?

Newborns have been swaddled for thousands of years. It’s a simple, proven way to ensure your baby feels safe and warm as they adjust to life outside the womb. It also helps combat overstimulation and prevents the newborn startle reflex from waking baby from restful sleep. Read more about the benefits of swaddling .

when to stop swaddling?

Whether by fussing or fighting their way free, most babies will let you know when it’s time to graduate to a sleeping bag or sleep sack. Most usually hit this point between three and six months.

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