our (PRODUCT) RED™ collection is a partnership with a purpose


When the (RED) team approached aden + anais about a partnership in 2014, the decision was a no-brainer. As a mum, how could I not contribute to something as impactful as preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child? Our efforts have not only focused on eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV, but also on improving the lives of women and girls affected by AIDS in Africa. And we have been extremely grateful to see that our audience has had the same passion for this partnership as we do.

Today, 15 million people worldwide are on life-saving HIV treatment – more people than ever before - and our (PRODUCT)RED™ collections have contributed directly to this effort. With your support of our first two (PRODUCT)RED™ collections, aden + anais raised enough money to provide more than 300,000+ days of life-saving medicine to help HIV+ pregnant mothers give birth to HIV free babies. And the good news continues:

+ Mother-to-child transmission of HIV is on the decline, in turn, new child infections are down 58% since 2000.

+The same ARV treatment that keeps an HIV-positive woman alive and healthy and also prevents transmission of the virus to her baby now costs as little as 30 cents a day, down from nearly $300 a day.

This is inspirational. Since we launched our partnership, I have traveled to Rwanda to see (RED)-funded programs in action on the ground—making a difference in the lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS. I visited clinics and education facilities providing HIV/AIDS prevention, counseling, testing and treatment programs. I met with families, healthcare workers, and local activists, and saw first-hand the social and economic impact that Global Fund programs bring to communities where HIV/AIDS is a part of everyday life. The highlight for me was meeting the many HIV-positive mums who had recently given birth to healthy HIV-free babies.

It’s wonderful to see the difference that our contributions are making on the ground in Africa. My hope is to continue working indefinitely with (RED) in one way or another. I believe so strongly in what (RED) is trying to accomplish with the help of brands and individuals like you around the globe. By working as a team, we can soon end the transmission of HIV from mother to child and deliver an AIDS free generation. It would bring me much joy to be able to say that we all played a part in making that happen. 

photo credit: (RED)
video credit: Adam Sjoberg